Why you should possibly care about what I’m saying about cars…

So we should address one major problem with my car history. I’ve  never actually bought a car, but before that completely disqualifies everything, I have driven a lot of cars. I’ve  worked for a bunch of different car dealerships over the past years moving place to place, and have had my fair share of dives in some pretty decent cars. There is obviously the highlights most of them from my past year in California, but a lot of surprises that I wasn’t expecting too. The highlights included a 2011 Audi R8 V10 (scary car), 2019 Tesla Model S P100D (even scarier car), 2017 Porsche Turbo, Mercedes C63s, Lexus LC500 (surprisingly a really great car), and the list goes on.


I have been pretty lucky with the opportunities and the positions that I have worked my way into. Some of them have been to just move the car around the lot, but some I have had the privilege to drive the hell out of.


So now you know a little bit about my car history and that I kinda know what I’m talking about, kinda…

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