What is Common Sense Cars?

So this is the intro to this blog, clearly. I want to first address one thing, this blog for me is about fun and about expressing my thoughts and opinions and possibly other people thoughts. The grammar will most likely be mediocre at best, sentence structure and just general knowledge of how the English language should be currently written into words will be also the same, mediocre at best. Now that we have establish that on to who am I and a little bit about my self. I am 20 years old guy, I grew in Illinois and moved to Iowa when I went into high school. From there I met my wonderful girlfriend and we went to college in Iowa for a year. We both decided we absolutely hated everything about the midwest of the United States and moved to California. We lived there for a year and was quickly hit with the realization that California ( at least where we lived) was very loud, very claustrophobic, and very very expensive. Don’t get me wrong I loved California, especially the car culture but it just didn’t work out. So now we live in Colorado, a beautiful place with some incredible scenery and some absolutely amazing mountain roads.

Thats me and a little bit of my life story, we will get into it more as it becomes relevant. This blog will be about three main things. Cars, technology, and travel, with cars being the main event if you will given the title and all. So I hope that everyone who comes across this site will check in every so often (as of now I am planning to post about twice a week) and we can continue to talk about cars and everything that interest us.


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